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It's been two and a half years already since I moved to here. And one of the first things i recall about living out here is...the boy that has the fruit and seafood stand along the road just before the bridge that crosses on to the island. I work on the island so i pass by there everday. And everyday there he is...rain, shine, tidal wave....i can always depend on him to be standing there during the 2 seconds that i pass his stand.

Two weeks ago mom and I stopped at the gas station next to his stand, and as i turned into the gas station ...he walked around his stand to pack up everything.... and ...holy buckets! We had a moment!!!! He looked up as i was turning and i glanced at him. ...and there ....that was the day he acknowlegded my existance on this earth. I mean within these past two years i've stopped there to pretend to look at some fruit or something but he's never noticed me for more than half a seconds. Usually I just do the drive by thing... but a few days after that day i decided that it was time for me to get noticed. So i went and bought some new outfits and tried to find and excuse to stop by there everyday.

I pretended that i needed more gas in my car, but i hadn't even used a quarter tank yet. I also used the excuse that i was just stopping by the gas station there to buy the newspaper and crap, but i barely got to read them. And one last thing.... TILAPIA. Lots and lots of tilapia. On days when i felt confident and out of my mind enough i drove up to his stand and asked him if he had any tilapia.(Normally i stay on the gas station side) I think he knew by the time i bought my 5th tilapia that i wasn't really there for the tilapia because that day as i was backing up my car i couldn't keep my eyes off him...and i just smiled at him like a fool. He smiled back though!!

Anywho, on to the day of my 8th tilapia... (the day he spoke to me first)

he said: "it's a beautiful day today."

Ohhhhhh i was so smitten! i know it's so cheesy of me...
well i just got this big ass smile on my face and

i said: "yes it is"

then He said; "really lovely weather we're having"

and yup i still stood there smiling and

i said: "yes it is" ....again.

My friends said i'm pethetic. :( I couldn't help it! He's cute!!
Now this day was not so great. I told mom "let's get some fish to cheer Eve up" - my lil sis who was feeling kind of blue that day. Well as i pulled up at the stand there was a red car there with a little cute face blond inside. Can you guess who she was? Aha.... see...i wasn't actually sure ...and i was also in denile that she was his girl....but today i am definately sure that she is his girlfriend. Why?.... Well....

.... I talked to him today. my sis asked me what i heck i was thinkink approaching him like that...and aparently i have no idea other than the fact that i must have gone and lost my mind at the time. Here's what happened;

I thought maybe i'd stop by there again today to see if the girl in the red car would be there...and to my disappointment... she was there. So i pulled up to pump some gas. She left by the time i went and bought my newspaper and filled my tank. I was leaving too. i had already gone about a mile or so when i decided to turn around and go ask him to be sure if she girl or not.
I got there just in time before he too was about to leave. I parked next to the seafood truck and he walked over to talk to me. Guess he said.....

he said: "it's a beautiful day today"

but i didn't smile like a fool and say "yes it is" over and over again this time.

This time i said : "mmm hmm"

well the whole conversation we shared only lasted about 30 seconds or i can't exactly remember the exact words that were exchanged between us.... but i remember him asking me if i live around here and i asked him too. i also told him about me passing my here everyday and looking over, and how i didn't have enough guts to actually come and talk to him. He said that i hould have... but i guess there's nothing i can do. I'm too late. He said that i should holla at him sometime.... I want to stop there everyday but his girl isn't gonna like it for sure, so no more of that....i'm trying very very hard not to feel bad or think anything bad about this whole cituation. I guess one upside to this is that i don' have to eat anymore tilapia for a while. i mean i like eating fish, but 8 tilapia in one week is alot.

Maybe some day the moment will come that i will have a chance to sit down and actually talk to him face to face for longer than 30 seconds. But i will try not to hope for so much cause maybe he really loves her alot. and maybe... he will marry her. neither way i'm glad i at least got my feelings for him off my chest. And thank god he turned out to be a really nice guy and didn't act all mean and immature towards me when i told him.


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