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Love not reciprocated

Having read most of these stories, I really am not sure if mutual love exists. It seems like you love somebody and they either dont feel the same or just treat you bad and the people u dont have feelings for are the ones who care a lot about you. Life is hard.
Anyways, my story is about this boy I met thru my cousins, the very first time I met him I had a boyfriend but just couldnt get him out of my mind.Meanwhile my cousins had told me that he was a player who was out to just play games with girls, thye told me there were a trail of girls that were heartbroken because of him (i even knew one of them) but I didnt mind, I "loved" tommy. Anyways Tommy treated me like trash, he had no disregard for what I had for him and all the things I gave up for him (me and my cousins fell out for a while cz of Tommy) but I still continued loving him....but I guess I was not the love of his life bcz he still kept going back to his ex girlfriend, i gave him all my money, i gave him everything i could...i could have given him the world if he asked for it.
I finally made up my mind to break up with him because all though I loved him alot, I was not happpy with the way I was being treated(and i knew he was cheating, so i left)
Now again I have finally gone back to him, of which I know thats bad zc he is going to act bad again.
The best thing in life is when you love someone and that person loves you back, its so sad and depressing that my love for Tommy is not reciprocated how I'd love it to be...But its all good, Life goes on1
I cry almost every night just because I want to be loved back


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