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December 29th 2007, my friend "A" calls me up and asks, "Hey, my mom told me you were in a band last summer with "W", "D", "C" and "L"? Do you want to come play for us at my New Years Party?" I replied, "We're kind of broken up right now, "A", sorry. I could probably get my "W" and "D" back." Then she replied, "Well call them and see if they'd be up to it! It would be awesome if you could come!"

I call "W" and "D" up and they said, "Sure, I guess we could do it one more time." The following day we work out a set list and on New Years Eve, we bring the equipment to the house, drums, bass, and my guitar, including all the amps and crap. We get there and we set everything up, and everyone wants us to play right away, so the 50-60 people there were buzzing like crazy.

I sit down on the couch with my coke and the TV is tuned to Dick Clark, right? Well my friend, "A", comes over with her friend, "R". Apparantly I knew her back when I was in Kindergarten, as she instantly recognized me. What a small world. I asked her how our school was after I left, how she's been, etc. We were talking all the way 'till, like, 9:00 in the evening.

I can't remember how we brought this up but we got into talking about what's a better album? The Who's, Quadrophenia, or Pink Floyd's, The Wall. I said Who, she said Floyd. I convinced her that Wall may be more enjoyable, but Quad is better overall. This is pivotal to the rest of the story so remember this.

Anyway, this was the most fun I have ever had talking with someone, then she asks me at around the time we were going to start playing, "Have you ever had a girlfriend?" I said, "No, why?" She said, "I just thought, that you should. I mean, you have the best taste in music ever, you play the guitar, you're not even pretty good looking too! I can't even speak a foriegn language for goodness sakes!"
I said, "You don't? Since we're both Canadian don't we both have to learn French?" (we're both in high school). She said her parents had "run-ins" with the French that made her not take French, but Spanish instead. I asked if she spoke it well, and she said in Spanish, "Yes of course I speak Spanish, do you speak French well?" I say in French, "Yes of course I speak French! What do you think?"

Then she asks, "Would it be totally out of the park if I asked if I could kiss you?" My brain crumbled right then and there. If I kissed her, she'd be my first! Thankfully, my friend "A" came over and said, " "W" and "D" are ready!" I said to "R", "Yeah sure, but just wait until midnight." That killed me, I should have just kissed her right then and there. Idiot!

Anyway, people cheered us on-stage (a.k.a, a corner in the basement where everyone was partying). And we played our songs. Our set list was Anarchy in the U.K., American Idiot, All the Time, Should I Stay or Should I Go, I Fought the Law, Knowledge, Burnout, Basket Case, and When I Come Around. WICA was the last song we played of 2007. So we blast Dick Clark (he looks terrible, eh?) and the ball drops, and everyone is kissing their sweethearts to a new year, so i decide after about a minute, I play one song, Good Riddance (Time of your Life), by Green Day. After the first verse, "R" comes up behind me and puts her arms around my waist ever so lightly. When I was telling this story to a friend of mine, she was like, "Don't you hate it when situations like that are so awkward?" And I replied, "It wasn't awkward, it was fantastic!" Then I finish the song and everyone cheers me, and I say a bunch of crap like, "Thank you so much! You're all too kind!" Then I look over at "R" and she's licking her lips like theirs chocolate on them and that almost made me crumble. So I say to everyone, can you just give me a second?" So then I call her over and she kisses me, first just lips for about five seconds, then full on french after that.
Also, I must have been doing a good job, because she was moaning like an exxon seal! It was so amazing, I called my friend, "W" over and he held the microphone to where our mouths were. Too funny. It's such an amazing experience, kissing that is, there is no other experience like it.

Anyway, people started to leave, even my band mates, but me and "R" just sat on the couch holding each other for what seemed like forever. My band mates weren't happy that they had to haul everything back into the truck, but they understood that it was my first kiss so they gave me a break. Then after everyone was gone, "R" asked, "Can you speak some French to me?" I spoke as much French to her as I knew, until she drifted off to sleep, and me following also.

Come morning, I go up to my friend, "A's" room, and I asked, "Can I borrow a couple of your eggs?" I made "R" eggs and toast, and she loved me for it. I never wanted to leave her, you can't imagine how much in love I was in at that moment.

Even though her parents don't let her learn french, I taught her a couple of phrases like, "Bonjour m'amour", and "Je t'aime", and "Avez-vous un bon jour"! We click so much and we never want to leave each other when we're together. I just pray that we can be together forever.

The End


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