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You are the best

You know I will love you and think you are the "best." I made mistakes, so did you. I am sensitive and I know it. 14 others have come since you, 14 others are comparable as far as intelligence, class, wealth, etc., as you. But noone in my life could compare to the way I feel for you.

It's been since Sept 06 I've been waiting around, hoping, only for you. I see the games you play, your messages, etc., whatever.

Nothing will change how I feel for you, how much I still yearn for you. Nothing can stop how much I truly fell in love with you. I still think you are the "Best," in this world. I still love you. I still think (and will think til' the day day I die,) of how much I truly love you. There is not one thing in this world that I wouldn't think twice of doing for you. But, you know what? I'm a great person, I don't do wrong to my other, I love and help everyone without expectation of return. Everyone I know, tells me to forget you, you're nothing... But, I feel in my heart you're my everything.

But, time has passed and I realize that you continue to think of your "ego," and that's fine. But I know in time,
I'll realize if you were the "Best," you would be along for
the ride.

I have realized you are very "into yourself," which to me can be good, can be bad. From your actions, I believe it's
an odd thrill to you to keep me hanging on. Well, Good luck. I will always love you. You can't change that. But what you did change is I won't always be around for you. Fourteen others cannot be wrong.... Geez....... Do you think it may be just you? Of course not.... You are so self-absorbed, but somehow, my heart still belongs to you.

I wish you best. You can cease your little games. Despite what you think.............. You certainly are not "wonderful enough," to make me stalk you online. From what I have seen your arrogance. It's even more intense then............ Forget what I think. However, I wish you well. I wish you the best. I believe it's what you deserve, but I also believe what you attract will never be able to compare to me.

I love you and I hope you actually "take in," what I wrote above. You are intelligent, successful and wealthy. You are "Hott!" You are the love of my life, but I have given up on trying for you. No matter how much I love you, I won't give up my dignity for you.

It's my loss, only because I sincerely fell in love with you. I still you and always will. But it's also your loss
because you feel, but won't reveal how much you know you want me to love you too.

You'll find several better and that's cool too. But, I can guarantee noone who crosses your path will be as true to you
as I would have been. I only fell in love with you for you. Not your money, not your toys.

But that's cool. I just hope you have a sense of who this is (which you do). I love you and I always will have a broken part of my heart who belongs to you.


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