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Love survives

I'm currently 17 years old and am completely in love. There's just one problem.. I live 2 time zones away from this girl that I love so much. We met back during freshman year, when I still did live in the same state, but at the time I was with one of her friends, just because I'm a guy, and her friend was pretty good looking. However, when I dated her friend I got closer and closer to her, because you know I wanted advice because I was the jealous type and I wanted to know what to do about her friend's constant flirting. Anyways, I had to move at the end of freshman year, leaving everything I had behind. I was still with her friend, and we stayed together for a year. Then during spring break of my sophmore year, I realized that my relationship wasnt going anywhere, and that I was really in love with her and not her friend. So i broke up with her friend, and we got together on 3-17-07. Right when we got together we just clicked, I mean I guess you could say we were meant for eachother, I mean personally I love sports, and how many girls love sports too right? but she does. She's always there for me when I need her, I mean from then to christmas break, we talked on the fone almost every night, even with that time difference. Then my parents told me I could go back to visit, and I made a huge mistake when I was there. We wanted some time to ourselves, because her parents wouldnt drive her places, and we didn't have our licenses yet, so I decided to take a cab and snaek into her house at night. Her parents found out and are really mad. Now her parents hate me and don't want her to have anything to do with me, but you know what? I don't give a damn, this girl means so much to me. Afterwards we got into countless fights about you know, our future, because I was being an idiot and felt like it would be better for us to break up. she got mad and said why would you think that. We eventually made up, and now even though we cant call eachother every night, we IM eachother still, and I dont know, there's something about this girl that makes me want to keep going, she brings out the best in me you can say. We plan on getting married, having 2 kids, all that nice stuff in the future, I mean we're going to different colleges, but who cares? Love survives if it's love. The point of this story is, no matter what life throws at you, if you got love you can make it through. I read some of these stories, and they're really sad, but ya'll gotta keep your heads up, because love will come, and even if you think you found it, and it ended, well you learn and you move on. You WILL find it though, and when you do you'll realize it's the most amazing thing ever. This is a whole bunch coming from a teen, but you know what, I'm in love, I don't care what you older people think "youre so young, you dont know what love is." Well I think what I'm feeling right now is love, and ya'll can pretty much shut the hell up, cuz God DAMN I'm in love.


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