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we had been friends for a few years and i never really thought we would ever become anything more than just friends. until one night...i was online talking to a few of my girlfriends just doing normal girl chat until a new im box opened and it read "hello dear" i was a bit confused and scared at first because the person who sent it to me has been a good friend of mine for a few years. i simply said hi back then immediately told one of my closest friends. the first thing she told me was "i told you so" since she had been telling me we would make a great couple for a while. then she told me to talk to him and act like i usually do when we talk. so that's exactly what i did. but as we kept talking he kept calling me sweetie and honey and i was still a little confused. so i asked him "is there a reason why ur calling ur friend honey?" and he replied with a simple "yes". "why" i asked him. his reply was what really made me feel so loved. he said "i am in love with you and i have loved you since the first day i met you. every night before i go to bed i think about you and how one day i'll make you mine no matter what it takes. one day we will be like those couples on tv going out for romantic candle light dinners in new york city or the couples who go to paris and have romantic well thought out proposals." and i was shocked and sort of happy because in the past few weeks i had began to feel something towards him. so he finally asked me "will you go out with me and be my girlfriend" and i replied with a simple "yes". to this day he is still my boyfriend and i am his girlfriend we have been together for almost a year and i continue to love every minute i spend with him. he is my first kiss and my first love and when i get older and i have children and they ask me about my first love i'll be able to able to tell them all about the one guy who proved to me that true love isnt just in the movies.


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