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First true love

Ok, well it started about two years ago. I was at my friends house, when i first talked to him. It was amazing his voice gave me chills, i new that he had to be mine. So about a week later, i met him at the mall. And that's when he offically asked me to be his girlfriend.We were together 2 years. those were the best two years of my life. We had so many good times, we were even thinking about moving in together. But then things started to get hard, the love we had once shared, wasn't there anymore. We didn't have those good times anymore. So we actually ended up breaking up. Wow the break up, it was one of the hardest things i've ever had to cope with. About a year went by, and i thought i'd never find another guy, as good as him. But i finally did, its my current boyfriend. We've been together 4 months. And its been great. But from time to time, i still think about him, and what could've been. So to me no you will never get over your first true love. They'll always have some place in your heart. And to me that's how you know that it was love.


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