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Preppy guy

Growing up i dated many boys. i never did anything with them, it was really just having fun. {Ive been known as a ‘doorknob’ and a bunch of other names} I learned to ignore the names because I knew what I did with them, I didn’t need anyone telling me fake stuff. If people confront me, ill tell them what happened and what didn’t.. I do know I'm no where near a whore.
But, i started to like boys and get feelings, most of the time i ended up crushed.
I began to get trust issues + commitment issues.

Im a pretty nosy person myself and trust issues dont help. especially i know the way i use to be in a relationship and i didnt want that to happen to me. but i went after the wrong guys.

Ive been hurt so many times i cant count.
so after i gave up trying too much. I started to "get back" at guys.. but ive givin up on playin guys too

so i had a gym class right in the middle of the day. and i didnt really know anyone in it. but im pretty outgoing. after long i was friends wit most of the people in my class. a new kid came. a boy from a school around my city. {i live in a small city/town}

well when i first saw this kid. i laughed and im not a label kind of person.. but i just had to think "prep!" im not a big fan of preps. im not exactly the most follow the rules type of girl, and ive come to learn to stay away from MOST preps. so of course, i stayed away.
well i got stuck being his partner for ping pong {which was like 2 weeks straight mon-fri} he was actually pretty fun. i couldnt belive myself. well i talked to him and come to find out he was a lot like me!

i had a bf. a kid i liked since 6th grade.. since i met him. and same with him liking me. but we didnt admit it till that month {in 9th grade!} and i wouldnt stop talking about him. i didnt realize anything. i got pretty close to that kid in my gym class.. he understood me. he knew what i was thinking. like when i try to get mad all he had to say was "shes faking it" and i would crack up and i just couldnt do it.. i still cant!

well my and my bf ended up going through the worst break-up so of course i had him in my mind all the time. and everyone would tell me that *** liked me. i laughed at them and said we would never work out. we were just good friends. well one of my friends that is like me but she talks way too much. convos wit her are jus her talking. haha but she was like real good friends with him and she told me "you have that boy whipped!" i laughed at her and said "haha ok whatever you say.. to bad i dont like him"

well she told him that i told her he was whipped. the next day.. he wouldnt do the warm-ups with me. and he told me "no im mad at you" i felt like i got shot. and i was like why? and he said "you told *** that i was whipped!" and i freaked "no i didnt! i swear! she told me i had you whipped and i laughed at her! i never said that!" and he laughed and got up to go with me. that day i was thinking..

'if im so inlove with ***** then why do i want to be wit *** all the time?' everyday i could go to school so sad and then i would be walking to gym and id be the happiest person on earth.. i never noticed it. jsut when im with him. im happy. nothing can go wrong
ive tried to tell myself its all fake and my emotions are just messed up. but its gonna be 2 months on feb5th that ive been single.. just cause i only want one guy. thats him..

him: Hey! not many girls can get me out in the cold 4 hours just 2 hopefully c
u! it surprized even me! My boys r still laughin it up!

me: Aww. i feel special. :) ...try it again sometime? lol

him: As long as i can c u i dont much care! u have anything in mind?

me: No. I think you can make that decison.

him: Hmm ok well next time your coming to see me!

me: Haha. iight. not gonna lock me out in the cold for payback are u?

him: NO! 4 some reason i think id like it more if u were in with me! just a thought! but i did think about payback just 4 u

me: haha id like that more too. haha as long as the paybacks not locked out in the cold its fine :)
him: Ok i can work around that i guess
me: lol ok. that works for me
him: K good

well he likes me.. i like him...
shouldnt we be dating?
good question. i ask myself that all the time.
i know im not the one that has a problem with it.
its him. i just dont know what.
oh haha i left that part out.. im a freshman.. hes a senior.
14 and 17... but i dont care about age and his best friend "his boy" is 20. makes fun of him cause im so young.
i dont think its his boy that makes him think that. maybe hes just taking it slow. but i deffinatly want to be dating him BEFORE SCHOOL ENDS! and he goes off to college =(

im still waiting.. i know it will work out. all this is new to me cause im the one making all the decisons and im not use to it. all i know is since i met him. my life has changed.. ALOT. and its for the good. deffinatly not bad... at all! so i think im gonna make the first move =) when i get up enough bravery lol <33

my advice?:

dont look for the hottest guy or the most popular jock.
look for the guy that makes you feel like you're actually
worth a second glance. the one that makes you happy to
be the person you dont have to try to be, or want to be.
the guy who isnt like all the rest, but completely different,
yet its why you like him, because he isnt like any other
guy you've known.
he's just him


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