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Heart flips

My Cheesy Lover

It was on a Friday night, I had planned on sleeping over at my friend's house so we went out with her boyfriend and his friends. We were headed to the apartment of one of her boyfriend's friend to simply hang out and chill. I wasnt really expecting anything great to happen that night. The television was on so I just watched Gladiator which was on at the time. I was being really quiet since I didnt really know anyone there and I had no inquiry of interferring with my friend's love fest so I just sat on the couch watching the film. Suddenly the front door opens and this guy came in and greets my friend and her boyfriend warmly. Who was he I thought. He seemed different than the rest. More lively. I was introduced to him later. He didnt really talk to me first but then suddenly encourages my friend and me to drink. Since I had nothing better to do I did. My mood was better then and I spoke more. We got to know each other better as my friend and her boyfriend went off to a room. I wasnt that comfortable at first though but he kept reassuring me that he wouldnt do anything to me. By that time I was already tipsy. He brought me out into the hall to tell me how he felt about me and told me how he thought I was pretty and cute. Bullshit is what I thought. I was on my way back to the room when suddenly he corners me and kisses me. It was aggresive and passionate. It made my heart flip. I said that we should go back but the thing was I kept on kissing him back. I wanted it to continue but I restrained myself.

The next day I thought well I guess Ill never see him again but on Monday when I just found out where my cell phone was (I forgot where I put it) I found a message from the guy apologising for being the way he was. I told him it was alright and from there on we kept on keeping in touch with one another. He kept saying the most cheesiest things I have quite ever heard but even though what he says are pretty cheesy he makes me feel really good. Ive never had anyone ever say such sweet things to me before so it felt pretty strange at first but i liked it after a while. Hes 18 and Im 15 but I dont mind. I dont know whether its good to trust him... Ive never really trusted guys before. We're goin to meet up soon and I can't wait. I hope that it'll be fun and we'll get to know each other even more and hopefully we might become an official couple...


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