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No don't!

If only it was a fairy tale. Then I would have a reason to beleive it's not true. But it happened, and now I really don't know what to do.

Chapter 1- It all started...
It all started last year(2007). It was August meaning school! Ergh! I hate school now. BUt back then, it was the only way to be near people. To have some kind of a social life and friends.
It was either the first day or the second day of school. I just remember being all excited about how big the building was and how I get to go down stairs to my art class. It was all new and much more exciting than hellementry school where you jsut sit in one seat all day with the same people you've known for years. So there I was... I realized all my friends had left me to go off to their classes, I slammed my locker hard and walked off to my 6th period class. We have 7 periods at my school. I walked no more than about 1 classroom down from my locker when suddenly I notice a very tall boy waering black rush into the classroom a few feet away from me. I stared at him as I passed the room, but I didn't have my glasses on. I still remember the words in my head at that time... "Oh he seems cute. Seems like the kind of guy I would go out with"... I guess I jinxed myself in a way. The next day I saw his face with my glasses on I was lost in words. How could I have missed him before? For a 7th grader, he was very tall. At the time he had long hair just a few inches away from touching his shoulders. I guess my eyes became magnets to his face... I couldn't stop starring, and he started to notice. He never talked to me though. Probaly just thought I was a weirdo. But I didn't care. I never got the idea he would want to go out with me. I was just a dorky little 6th grader.

Chapter 2- Harmony isn't a good thing
So, I told a few people I thought he was cute... and word spread fast. Harmony, a girl in 7th grade who got held back some year asked me about it on myspace "Do you like him?"... "Yeah I guess... he's super cute."... "I'll ask him out for you."..."NO DON'T!


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