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Deep brown eyes

its my story. which i want to share with u. he was in my class. very talkative, full of energy, fair & tall. till now i couldn't forget his 'deep brown eyes'. those deep brown eyes have power to make me forget the whole world. we were friends. we use to talk about lot many things. i don't know when did i started loving him. but i realized it when he was absent for 3 or 4 days. i felt as if every thing is dull & gloomy, a restlessness was within me. and i couldn't explain why this all was happening.
on that day i was in chemistry lab filling acid in the test tube. suddenly i heard his voice. i turned to see him and all the acid fell on my hand. every one panicked(but acid was diluted so not much harm happened). it must be burning but i couldn't feel any thing. i was happy to see him after so long. on that day i realized that i love him. his behavior also indicated that he also feels the same. i decided to tell him every thing. i went to him but saw him talking to a very beautiful girl of different course. he was looking so happy that i cudn't disturb him. later when i asked him about that girl. he said that she is the love of his life, he can leave any one for her etc. i cudnt tell him wht i felt.
after that many "love of life" came and gone from his life. we remain friends.
still we talk over phone but i never told him about my feelings. for him love is just time-pass nothing more than that. every season his girl friends changes.
i know he doesn't deserve my love but i also know that i can't stop loving him. no matter what i do,where ever i go or who ever i m with, i will always love him. even today when i hear his voice my heart skips few beats. even today when i close my eye i can see him in front of me, looking at me with his 'deep brown eyes' which has power to stop the whole world for me.


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