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His Family Accepts Me

I was dating someone for 18 months. He had two adult children from a previous marriage, and I have two children under the age of 10. To make a long story short, he told me he was leaving me after we just bought a house together. His children wanted nothing to do with me or my kids as they wanted their father alone and unhappy.

I thought that I would try dating, and being so devastated I thought I would never meet anyone who was so kind to me or my girls again. I thought he would come back.......then I met someone on a site who had lost his wife months before, I told him he wasnt ready nor was I . He said lets just go on outings. So we did, and we fell in love. This man has accepted me and my two young children, and his are older. He told them what had happened to me as I did not want to do this again. His kids said all they want him to be is happy.....and we are. We are planning on getting married at some point. He is the kindest man I have ever met, and he is always there for me. We have something we never thought we would find. its been 9 months, and we are incredibly in love. His family and friends have accepted me in his life, and I feel loved. My children sensed from the beginning that he would not leave us. He always is thinking of me and my kids, and I feel cherished and loved. I told him also that I would never meet anyone like my ex again, and I said this in an email. He sent me one back way in the beginning of our relationship and made me think differently about what had happened to me. He gave me no pressure just uncondional love. I truly believe he is a gift to my girls and me from God


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