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I'm in love

well through out my life i always thought there would never be a guy right for me. every bf i would get would always hurt me by cheating on me. i always thought it was my fault but honestly i never done anything to really diserve it well anyway one day one of my best friends old friend called after like 3 years and she introduced me to him he was kool and i think he even liked me but i felt he was too imature for me so one day i called his phone to talk to him but his brother picked up i thought he was a man he had such a deep voice but he was only 14 years old mind you i was only 12 well he told me that his brother was busy but he wasnt doing anything so i could talk to him i didn't want to be mean and say no thanks so i just talked to him once i got to know him i thought he was a total jerk! he always had something mean to say and the worse part was that he didn't even have the heart to say sorry but what was shocking was after a week of talking and getting to know him i started to see that he was really sweat and so much fun to talk to and secretly i liked him but i didn't want him to know till my best friend made us play truth or dare over the phone and she picked me to answer the following question she said " do you like him " i tried to be slick and change the subject but i knew sooner or later i would have to answer the question so i was honest and said " yes! " he stayed quiet for a while then he said " he likes me too that i wasn't like other girls that try to be something there not just to impress someone so he asked me out i was soooooo happy and said yes after that day we spent most of the time talking over the phone for 1 year do you know what that is to have a relationship on the phone for one freakin year well one day i was just dieing to meet him in person so i told him to meet me at my school after a while of waiting he finally came up to me and there was just silence and i new when i gaized into his eyes i was really in love but believe it or not we didnt even hug or kiss nothing he was there for 30 seconds then had to leave but honestly those were the best 30 seconds of my life so we talked over the phone and he convinced me to tell my sister so i told her and she wanted to meet him so we went on our first date to boomers that was so much fun he was so shy it was cute till this day i still think about our first date today we made 2 years with eachother but there was only one bad thing he did to me that i will never forget he told me that he cheated on me i felt it was the end of the world it was so heart breaking i felt my heart was stoping i was so hurt he told me he did it the first week we were together and that he couldn't keep it in any longer and that he's was so sorry at that moment i didn't know what to do i loved him so much and i just couldn't let him go so i told him lost my trust but he didn't loose my love and he kept crying and told me he has another confesion he kissed 3 girls and cheated on me twice but when you count the kisses thats 5 times he cheated on me but i forgave him and i knew from that day things wouldn't be the same but i guess i was wrong cause most guys people are with would never tell the truth on what they did but he did it was hard to think that the guy i thought was the perfect guy and the guy who said he would never hurt me hurt me but not only hurt me break my hart but i left that in the past and continued being with him and i am truley in love people usually say im too young for love but i think i am in love and no one can change that =)


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