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Hope for the best

my story is simple yet very complicated...
im a girl and i met my ex through work...first i thought she wasnt pretty or anything so she didnt really attract me into her direction...but shes the type that if u keep hanging out with her and looking at her she become more and more attractive...but we dated for almost 7 months and we had fights but doesnt every relationship? we were so in love and she was just so perfect...i thought my world was complete but then things started getting rocky...and shes physically abusive...but i looked through that...we were on and off for another few months then it just ended cause she met this other guy that she was interested in and left me with nothing...she took all my friends and it was the hardest thing to do and make new ones...but i made new friends and they are AMAZING and i just love them and couldnt ask for more...i was trying so hard to get over my ex but it never seems to work...yet i keep wondering why its so easy for her to get over me?..or is she even over me...i havent spoken to her for 6 months and then i recieve this call from her and i never thought i could be happier...she sounded like she cared alot but i think shes just messing with my head...i still havent seen her yet...its been around 7 months...then i recieved a call from her last night...and she told me she was pregnant with her ex bf..i gave her all the advice there is to give..i told her before i moved on and didnt love her anymore..cause i didnt want to be a burden on her...but then i called her back...and i told her...the truth is...i never got over you i still love you with everything i are the main reason why im still alive..and before when u told me u were pregnant...nd if you still loved me...i would tell you i would do everything in my power to support you and the child..i would give you everything you ever wanted in this damn world..then i hung up...and i called her this morning and told her that i wanted to see her...and i might see her on i hope for the best


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