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Once opon a time, there lived one brown-haired handsome young skater. One day, a gorgeous young brunette girl strolled up to the skater and confidently confronted him about how attractive she thought he was. The next month, this young skater took that into consideration to his very dull, very boring, love life. This skater had another extremely blonde handsome best friend, who was also a skater.
Luckily, the brunette girl had a brown-haired pretty best friend who was also interested in skaters.
Then, fortunately for the two young girls; one of their good friends knew these two skaters and invited everyone out together one night.
They all got on swimmingly well and the brunette girl instantly fell for the brown-haired skater, and vise versa.
Also, the brown-haired young lady fell for the blonde skater and every single night from then, these four teenagers hung out at the woods, talking and having fun.
Well, I can safely say that they all certainly had a lot of fun together and a fair few laughs went around this small group. Until one day, the blonde skater invited the other three to his house to watch a movie. Of course, they all agreed and soon found themselves inside of the blonde skaters house watching a very famous film, known as Pirates of the Caribbean. This day, was the day, were the blonde skater and the brown-haired girl shared their first kiss and as for the other two's relationship; well, the brunette made the first move by grabbing her crush's hand whilst sitting on the sofa.
It was Halloween the very next day and the two skaters met up with the two teenage girls. This was the night were the brunette and brown-haired skater had their first kiss. Unfortunately for them, everyone was watching.
They all thoroughly enjoyed this night and that was the night the blonde skater and the brown-haired girl got together. They clicked straight away! They spent that night together, laid on the grass on a field whilst everyone else drank to their hearts content.
Before this, the brown-haired skater had gone home so he wouldn't miss the end of a very scary programme, which left the brunette by herself. But, she soon went home anyway.
The very next day, the brunette and the brown-haired skater got together.
Sadly though, the day after, the blonde skater broke up with the brown-haired girl, leaving her quite upset, but she shook it off by having a laugh with her best friend and cousin. Apparantly, he finished with her because he didn't want to be in a relationship, but a lot of her friend, including her, thought otherwise. He clearly liked someone else.
Despite this, the brunette and brown-haired skater stayed together for another month and throughout this time, everything seemed perfect, like nothing could go wrong.
They spent time together, laughed together, talked together, it was the perfect relationship.
But then, unexpectedly, the day before the brunettes birthday, he broke up with her. She was distraught.
Good for her though, her friends came round the next day and soon cheered her up!

These two pairs have kind of gone their seperate ways now.
The skaters do what they do best, whilst the brunette and brown-haired girls, talk about the two boys, reminishing the times they all spent together at the woods, that wonderful, cold October month.
Sad really.


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