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Back rubs

I've never had a girl who treated me as good as i treat them. Especially in physical ways, I always am the one doing the back rubs and physically showing them i care. I know im an oddley sensative person and I get upset about small things, like hangin with friends a lot or not showing up to surprise me sometimes and not getting the physical attention I give. I don't want to be babied but come on show some affection when I'm around and don't just blow me off everyday. I say a healthy relationship can only be kept if both in it want to make the other feel the best they could feel and show their love for one another on a daily basis, whether it be an intimate phone call or simply seeing eachother to see how the day went for them, get a hug, say something to make him/her feel that love. Thats all it would take for me to feel better. I find myself always being the one who starves for affection in a relationship, not getting enough. It would seem I'm too sensitive for any relationship but I know there is someone out there who can and would treat me the same, I just need to find her and all will be great instead of "well your great but I'd rather be with my friends most of the time. Please rub me so I can go to sleep." Not "Well you've been rubbing me for days why don't I rub you." This isn't much of a LOVE story except that I don't run out of LOVE to give to a girlfriend, and I always compliment and stare into their eyes letting them know I love the way they look through my eyes so everything else doesn't matter. I also just fell for a girl who honestly I don't think I would have 4yrs ago, and yet I still find myself wanting more time from her than she's willing to give, and sex, don't say that word. That's like only aloud maybe once a week. I mean it's not like I'm in my prime or anything, I'm only 22. To end this my advice to those like me, don't blame the girl, esspecially if she is true to you. Because our sensetivity is easily provoked and so find something else to worry about, get some more friends and pull the same cards she does, that will get her thinken about you more and wondering why your so much happier all the sudden. It also helps a lot to have a job to make money and take up time at the same time. Think posotive in these small problems and remember your the one who calls her your girlfriend.


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