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Upside the head

Many people tell me that I should wait for marriage before fallin in love... Well here is a little story bout how I really feel...

It all started on a cold October day. I was outside when it all happened. I was playin tag football with the guys when we first saw each other. She was talking to her girls when I looked. I know I should have been payin attention but unfortunately I wasnt and payed for that with the ball smackin me upside the head... to my advantage though she came over and asked if I was okay... I was personally escorted to the nurses office where she stayed and took care of me while I was injured. Soon after I was released she came with some chocolate and started blushing. i didn't understand it at all until she started giggling. Then I was blushing which was not typical for me at all. Then out of nowhere she leaned over and kissed me and I kissed back. within a weeks time, we were going out and now we've been together for about four months and our relationship has been strong ever since.


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