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There is this boy i've liked and loved for so long, at the time he and his girlfriend<(4 years) we're going out and i've wished so much it was me. He of course is pretty popular in my high school, so one day he broke up with his long time 4 yrs girlfriend, a couple a months later we were in the same class!! odd huh? anyways he was orignally going after this other girl in my class. According to him his planned changed and end up asking me out instead, he asked if me and him wanted to hang out on saturday so didn't know what to say I asked him through his school email address "are you asking me out? Like on a date?" being pretty stupid I did not know because no guy has asked me out like that before so I didn't know what to expect. He told me yeah and then from there we've been going out ever since, but sometimes in the back of my mind I still can't believe i'm going out with a popular boy, but i am pretty happy about it and hoping we stay together for a very long time.


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