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We met when we were merely toddlers. We shared many wonderful years during our childhood, enjoying the simplest, nonetheless happiest, fruits that life had to offer. On our 8th birthday (yes, we share the same birthday), my mother broke the news to her family that we would be moving away. Expectedley, we both demonstrated a certain resentment to this decision. Notwithstanding, at the age of eight, there is little you can do to alter the mind of your curmudgeon-like mother. We went an entire ten years with minimal contact. She and her parents had drifted for no sake other than the distance between the family. In my first year of college (I was 18), I unexpectedley received a call from a 'strange voice' asking if I was a free man. Incidentally, I took the day away from classes for no reason other than sheer laziness. We spoke. I recongised her once she told me that we share the same birthday. It was amazing. Catching up on ten years of the life of someone who still made you feel butterflies in the tummy. I had just come out of a three month relationship merely a fortnight earlier, but I knew that, if I was to pursue this, it would have to be for all the right reasons. We met the following Tuesday - one week after she called - and everything went from there. We are now 18months old and she's my everything and more. In many ways, I feel like I've known her my entire life. I've hitherto avoided comparing relationships because individuals are, as the very name suggests, indvidual in nature; notwithstanding, she seems to be a conglomeration of all the good qualities of my seven ex girlfriends; indeed, my longest relationship is a substantial four years during junior high and high school. We often talk about the early year - of how at peace we've always been with each other. I've never been a believer in fate until my princess came into my life. I often ask the following: how did she find my number? why did I take that day off uni when I pride myself on perfect attendence? was it merely coincidence that she rang so soon after my break up? Have we always wanted the same thing. I'd like to believe so. I've subconsciously waited ten years to be with my partner in crime. Love is out there. When my ex, who I dated for four years, left for college and we split, I thought that love would never come knocking at my door. But it has; it did. And it brought me who I was really meant to be with. Thanks for reading.


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