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I got nothing

The one guy that I fell for, I knew it wounldn't last. So why did I fall for him? He was the one that I loved the most out of all the guys the that I have dated. Most of them made my cry, but he was the one that was there for me out of all the times that I have known him. He promised me that world and all I got was nothing. I got sad and depressed. I don't have to worry now, because I have a new guy in my life. But when he needed me the most, I was there, through all his troubles and all his messes. He is the one that broke my heart. I am not over it yet, but I soon will be. I hope this is a lesson to all you girls that hope to find the right guy. He might be out there, but he may not. So good luck and I hope you find the right guy.


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