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Work toward chance

I'm 12, and from Singapore. There's this girl I got a crush on with when I was 9. She was so beautiful, she had a lot of suitors even though she was only Primary 3. I was overjoyed when we went to the same class, Pri 5A. I tried to get close to her, but in the end, a boy also had a crush on her. I began to do everything, but I didn't use despicable means,and now I've been bad-mouthed about being a "stealer" and being the 3rd person.... although I wasn't.

The feeling of being wrong is so hurting, its a feeling that is almost like peer presure, you got me?

Until I was 12, I let out my feelings. But I was shocked to find out she didn't mind at all, saying that she admired my courage.

That was the most touching word I've ever heard.

What I've always dreamed, is that when I said that, she might ignore me, and the feeling of being ignored by you loved one is so hurtful.

now, we're both posted to different secondary schools, but I will treasure my love, deep down under my heart.

Moral 1: To those who have been out of love, it is very stupid if you think of commiting suicide. If someone dumped you, its not the time for you to start crying. Sometimes, you got to know what you gone wrong, where you gone wrong. Learn from your mistakes, and do better next time. :) Remember, there are better girls out there!

Moral 2: Be brave to express your love! If she really says, we cannot be together, it doesn't means its all over, you still have a chance, so work you way to it! :P


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