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Life punishment

He is 6 yrs younger to me but we love each other like crazy. We always argue on who loves the other more. We donít have to tell each other what we feel we somehow get to know what the other is thinking or feeling. Often we get the feel of magic or you can say miracle when we say things that our heart says that happened to other and it turns out to be true, and it has happened very often too often to be coincidence. It will be 2 yrs for our marriage very soon. But the beauty of it is that our marriage as described by my Luv is that GOD and MAMMA MARY are the only guest and witness. You see I am already married for 15 yrs now to someone else and he is unmarried. Though he too is getting married to someone else tomorrow. We have no idea how we fell in love with each other or for that matter why we love each other so much but the bottom line is we cannot live without each other. But we donít want to run away to stay together cos we donít want to hurt my husband of 15 yrs, my kids, my parents, his parents and all those who are close to usÖ we live in great pain and the heart aches and it aches like crazy turning us mad, but we console each other that its only that this birth that we are separated but the next birth and all the other births to come we will be together.. we pray everyday that God does not punish us again in our next birth the way he has punished us in this life.


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