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Just give it time

If only I had told you I didn't think it would last.
Maybe I wouldn't have to repeat my past.
To think we loved each other so much to do everything we did.
Just think back to being a kid.
How much we both wanted love.
We found it in each other.
If only you hadn't been jealous.
Maybe if I didn't become friends with J you and I might have lasted.
After all we've been though,
I can't go back to the hurt that's true.
If only you hadn't lied to me.
Just for information from a friend.
That wasn't fair.
It wasn't right.
You broke my heart.
I know I broke yours, but it was mostly your fault.
I couldn't be happy in a relationship.
With a person who lied, didn't trust me, and was jealous.
Now that it's over,
I need my space.
Please, just go and be yourself again
Don't be a disgrace.
Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
I know you will too.
Just give it time.....


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