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He never deserved me

guys i dont even know how to put this into words. i fell inlove with someone and have been together for like a year, i only moved away from my country and he got another girl-his ex- pregnant. I love him too much to let him go and i have, not we, tried to sort things between us and the things is that it's his mess but he aint bothered at all. He has really changed from the man i fell inlove with, he is an opposite! I still love him to bits and i think someday he will be able to think back and come to me again, even after he text saying, 'at last i found my true happiness, my little girl and her mom. i'm done with chicks i think it's time to settle, infact i'll be getting married soon'. I think to myself that maybe we was never meant to be, that's why it happened that i move from my country and how do i be sure he has not been seeing his ex even when we was still together. i hate the fact that i have always been there for him and he had always came to be when he was stressed and hurt, why the hell wouldnt he go to the woman he knew he was happy with? was i just a counsellor to him? was he just using me? how exactly is this thing called love? how do you know if someone is for real and how do you know when they just taking you for a ride? but i guess despite what he has done, i'm happy for him and for the choices he has made and happy that he knows where his happiness is, atleast. i would want him to be with me when he did not love me and when he was not up for it.

i'm a young intelligent beautiful girl and surely, theres that someone out there who is just waiting for me, someone who will see my worth and love me to death. someone who will use up all his love for me because i deserve it. and i know with total certainty that i have to leave the past behind and face the real world, i have to live the rest of my life without him... infact, he never deserved me.


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