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He's my Best Friend

I was always afraid that i would never actually like anyone,back in school.Sure,i had these little crushes,but nothing ever told me that i actually liked those guys for who they were(because i didnt even get to know them at all).Then when i went to college there was this one guy whom i got to know through some friends.We ate lunch,hung around and joked a lot.I remember i started liking him because of his terrific sense of humour and complete honesty.He was down to earth,smart,friendly and nice.I dint realise until much later that he was also very,very handsome. :)

I remember when he asked me to be his gf i was in total shock.i sat there staring at him and he changed the subject and started babbling about aomething else.I realised at that moment that staying with him would be the smartest decision i would ever make.We've been together since then, and going strong.He's my best friend,my accomplice in mischievious pranks,my partner for life and my wonderful other half.Our relationship isnt one of those super passionate and volatile ones, full of jealousy and typical problems all the time.Thats because we talk about our problems all the time and work things out together.I'm so blessed to have this miracle in my life,he sees my flaws and loves me unconditionally.He is patient and understanding,protective and encouraging.When situations arise, we know we'll get through the rough times all right because now that weve got each other, every bad thing is shared so it doesnt become so bad any more, and every good thing is multiplied tenfold because we get to share it together.


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