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Fell in love

Started off like a movie...!
One of my friend was working as an intern in a T.V. Channel. There she met a girl of another college (doing internship same as her). One day my friend, while showing the photographs of all the friends to that girl, asked her to give me a buzz on my cellphone. She did the same, but via a wrong name and told me that she gave me a call by mistake. I just ignored the incident.
After i week or so, my friend asked me if i got some wrong call on that particular date. On my inquiry, my friend cleared that it was done by that girl. I don't know what was running in my mind, I just took that girl's number from my friend and sent her a message. She took it very casually and we started sharing our talks, thoughts, daily routine and all with each other on phone. One day, I asked her whether she loves me or not. She replied that she liked me as a friend. I had a counter question- "with how many friends do you chat at 3 a.m. in night???" & she was shut. I said, after a small silence, "I know you love me. And if you don't, I challenge you that soon you'll fall in love with me." After a couple of days or so, she admitted that, she had started loving me...
Believe me friends, we both fell in love with each other, and still we had not seen each other. Isn't it Crazy??? We just fell in love because LOVE NEEDED US...and WE BOTH NEEDED EACH OTHER. He he he.


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