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Don't fall

ok so i have always had a crush on this one hottie.. he was the one every girl in my school wanted if ya didnt you were just NUTS! any way, when i got into 9th grade and he was in 12th i just happened ta b the LUCKY girl that got ta share a homeroom with him, so i started laughin at the jokes he told, became firneds with his friends which eventually got us talkin, well one night i was talkin to him on the phone and we were talkin bout if me n him would ever have a chance! and he said maybe, then a coupple weeks later we got togather.. i thought i was so INLOVE with him.. the (truth) is I WAS! so we were togather about a week then he started actin different like he didnt want to hold my hand he didnt want to do this and that! so i got worried and i wrote him a note, askin what was wrong and then he wrote back saying "I think we should take a break from eachother". so i thought whatever he thought would be the best! so we TOOK A BREAK, well halloween night came along and sure enough there he was holding the hand of another girl... my heart was BROKEN right then and there!... so then my BEST BUD was helpin me threw this HEART BREAK of mine! then we started dateing then one day he walked into school witha HICKY on his NECK! which was not from me... that was the END of him! mean whial all of these NONSEANCE Relationships where goin on... i was talkin to one of my old friends FRIEND, well he asked me to come square dancin with him and i said yes.. well we got there and had no CLUE who eachother was, so that night we talked on the computer and we said about how we had no clue that was US! that night we started dateing.. and i would LOVE to say that (He's My EVERYTHING!!) and we have been togather for a MONTH!! and its gunna keep goin..


Girls, dont fall for the SEXY one they are all ASS's fall for the ones who u think are your everythings, and they dont have ta b PERFECT (size, body, looks) they should b the ones that you think about constantly! the ones that you couldnt LIVE with out!!


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