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Engaged at Fifteen

I was 12 when i saw J. the first moment i saw him i fell deeply in love with him! we got to know each other really well that next year and dated once. we decided that is wasnt going to work out @ the time. i was so deeply in love with him and he knew. while we werent dating we always talked and whenever we saw each other we always had a look on our faces that we knew we wanted to be with each other but there was somethings holding the both of us back, we just didnt know what it was. the only thing i could ever think of was age (3years,3months,3days apart weird i kno) but anyways. as time went on we dated other people grew up and got more mature.

That was 4 years ago! me and J have managed to talk for 4 years keeping everything inside that we are madly in love. Me and J are together now for the past 4 months and are in love. we share everything with each other even the most embarassing things. this love doesnt involve sex because im only 15 and hes 18! the other night he decided to tell me that he loves me and he doesnt want to have sex until we are married. he gave me a promise ring, basically proposing but it cant be like that because i have managed to hide it from my parents. I wont tell my parents about us because we were best friends before we started dating and my parents would kill me if they found out we were together, and yet that we were in love. i cant explain any of the things i feel. all of this might sound stupid to you but everything between me and him are just so unexplainable and so right! there are just so many things that we could say about each other!

me and J have our future parcially planned!! i dont think anyone could have a stronger love then what we share!!! its not perfect but we look past the imperfections and love each other for who we are not our age or not what people think.


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