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First Love on Summer Camp

I went to a 6 day camp in Washington D.C. a couple summers ago. The only person I knew who was also there I hardly saw at all during the camp. I was in a group with other kids from all over the country. They were all really nice and we had so many good times. I liked one of them,A,he happened to live closest to me too. Another kid in my group, F, liked me though. He knew i liked A though. F and A as well as some other kids had this secret 'cough' they'd do when the person F liked was around or something. Me and my still good friend B, were dying to know who he liked especially since B liked F. F acted depressed sometimes which i found out later was because i liked A. Finially one night, F called up to my room in the hotel. He told me that it was me he liked. I told him i liked him back. To be completely honest I did like him but i liked A better, but i figured what the hell? theres only a couple more days left...i didnt regret saying that.
The next day F and I had the greatest time. We sat together on the bus listening to the same cd player. He had the deepest most gorgeous eyes and i couldnt believe it when he told me he thought the same of my eyes! He told me i was beautiful and when he did, i felt beautiful because just the way he looked at me made me feel so special and so cared for. I was walking on a cloud that week. When i think back its like remembering a dream.
At the science museum, there were these sound things that if u whispered in one of them it was supposedly heard in the one on the opposite side of the room. F whispered into it "I love L"...i stood there with my mouth open...then realizing my love for him i whispered into it "I love F"
We spent the whole night together walking around the museum and we took pictures together...i still have them.
He was my first love...even though we're not together now because of the distance between us I still think about the love we shared.


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