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Long Distance Love

i saw that guy 5 years ago i was 11 years old ,he was a new student to our school and hes used to live in ny and he moved to egypt were i live and from the first sight i felt this weird feeling towards that guy i think its love but said no i dont know him then i asked more about him and i knew he had a girlfriend so i said i just wont show him am intrested cause hes taken already and he kept on having diffrent girl friends .cause i never had the guts to go talk to him i even didnt want him to see or talk to me scared that he might not like me but i was just stupid years passed by and i never talked to him and he was always on my mind ,and i didnt date any other guyss althougt am good looking and sweet so ppl started to think its weird am single then the sadest thing happened he went back to the states after 4 years of me loving him so i called him before he left and told him how much ilove him but i didnt telll him my name then i aid am gonna forget him soon but i couldnt so the sunmmer after he left i went to the states where i used to live when i was young and all my family is there but i was in nj hes in ny so i called him and told him i love u can u meet me tomorow in front of the american express towers and he took my number and guess wht he was there waiting for me that day was the best day of my life the day when i told him everything and we went to the movies and walked in the city together and we made out it was the best day ever but i had to go back to egypt sadly .but guess wht am not gonna give up i love sooo much to give up everyday i can feel his lips on mine i crave him that guy will never find someone to love him like i do hey u know wht i just called him yesterday ... wish me luck


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