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Friends Turn Into Loves

Ever sense Jr. High i have been friends with this guy. We talked about everything together. over the years of our friendship we have watched each other go in and out of relationships. We always stood by each others side at the worst of times.

When i was a Sr. in high school me and him decided to start dating, but i had a huge trust issue with guys because i was raped the year before. i knew that i loved him but i wouldnt tell him, i didnt want to get hurt. he openly told me how he felt and i pushed him away.

Now im a freshmen in collage (my friend is a Sr. in high school) and he got himself into some trouble and had to leave to go to a boarding school. a couple nights before he left we where hanging out making up for lost time. Then i just turned and told him that i was in love with him. He told me that he still loved me and we decided to be together even though hes going to be gone.


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