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im 14 and in 9th grade right now, i met my current boyfriend in 6th grade when i was 11. i guess you could say it was fate that we met because i liked his friend but he wasnt interested in me so my friends wanted me to be happy and asked me who else i liked. i told them that my current bf was cute. they took that and started to get us to talk more. in a few weeks, we were going out. we dated for about 3 and a half months. i felt so strongly for him but didnt think that he felt the same way as i did.

a lot happend in between then and now but this is our 6th time going out since then. right now its only been a couple of days but all together we've been together for over 9 months. i can say without a doubt in my mind that i am im love with him. i know that he would say the same thing too. we'd do anything for each other.

So many people think im really young and dont know what im talking about but i know its true and i wont let anyone tell me any different. we've had so much stuff happend to us through the years and its amazing that we even still talk. i guess that just shows how much we love each other.


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