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Hiding Behind the Parents Back

Me and a boy we will call J went on a school trip together. anyways, i told him i liked him cause im not the kinda person that holds it inside. so he said he liked me 2 and he asked me out the next day and i said yes. over a period of time he told me he loved me and i loved him 2. i didnt tell my parents because i was afraid because they didnt want me dating this boy so i managed to hide it for a 1/2 month.

one day me and a bunch of my friends including him went over my house to hang. my mom didnt kno j was coming and wasent home because she knew i was responsible. he wasent supposed to be there. we werent doing anything wrong but he did have his arm around me when my mom walked in the door nearly an hour early. of course i was in serious trouble and my mom kicked J out. i got everything taken away from me. my tv, fone, computer, mini ipod, and horseback riding privleges taken away. little did i know, that i would have to give up J to.

my mom was so upset with me that i had to choice but to give J up and be single once again. i was really upset. i cried for hours on end. the next day i was not prepared for what i had to tell him. i told him that i couldnt date him anymore while trying to hold back tears. i said that i couldnt keep it from my mom and that i had no choice and i was sorry. i managed to hold back the sobs that were beginning to excape. he gave me and look taht told me his heart was broken. that look hit home and as he walked away, i felt that half of my soul just left with him. surrounded by supporting friends i burst into tears. i thought he was so mad at me and i spent all of first hour thinking and cring as i did my work.

i managed to get a hold on myself before walking up to my best friend M to tell her the news. as soon as i saw her she asked me what was wrong. M can tell when im upset i guess. i colaped it tears and uncontrollabole sobs once again as a let out my sad story. M was full of sympaty and told me it was gonna be ok but this time i was rele off and i couldnt stop crying. one of j's friends came up to me and said taht j told him to ask me if i even wanted him near me again. i still wanted him in my life and said yes. i didnt think i would ever see him again though until he showed up behind me and i didnt kno. i was finishing my story to M as i realised he was behind me. i was sobbing hysterically as i saw tears well up in his eyes. i threw myself into him strong arms and sobbed against his sholder.

he told me everything was gonna be ok and then he left to go to his 2nd hour. i realised that true love was something sacred and taht parents couldnt tear it apart. my friend M talked to him and he told me at lunch taht my parents might have taken away everything cept one thing. and taht thing was him. i told him i was sorry as i cried silent tears yet once again. it is now 1 week untill our one month anniversary and we are still goin strong without my parents knowing.


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