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We've layed under the stars, me on his chest

I have met my official love. evaa. Bad news, i'm not gonna see him for two whole FRIKKIN weeks. Yikes, i know. Well, here's how we started.

His ex and him had just broken up, and i kinda knew him before, just not much. After they broke up, me and him started hanging out and next thing i know...BOOM! I'm in love. Me and him started talking to each other, all night, nonstop, for the whole summer. And trust me, i didn't tell anyone that i loved him but they just...knew. SO. 3 months later, i find out that one of my friends told him that i liked him. I didn't tell her to but i wasn't all that mad at her.
She said that he liked me back, accoording to him, and after that i didn't see him for...a week about. The next time i saw him, he asked me out. I said yes...and now we're happily together. ^-^ Keep reading if you wanna hear about our wonderful adventures.

We have done romantic moments, and so far we've been dating a week. We've swam in the ocean. I've pulled him down and kissed him underwater. [[Teehee]] We've layed under the stars, me on his chest. and every second i hang out with him, he'll have his arms around me. Its absolutly breath taking.
but anyways, yeahh, i won't see him for two weeks. I'M ABOUT TO GO OUT OF MY MIND! only 2 days have passed. =/


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