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see the last bit, thats the best

it's a love story in all but name.
a secret love story.
an adoring, blissful, love-beyond-all-limits love story.
a true love story.
see the last bit, thats the best.
it's not just a hug that leaves you wanting more, it's no longer just smiles loaded to the point where you are practically spinning love from your lips.
it's no longer waiting and wondering.
it's happening.

the most wonderful man...
every time i read his old letters, look at our pictures together, read his texts and scroll through delicious beautiful memories of us, i get this thrill....c'mon guys if you feel a tenth of this love i have within my life you gotta know the...the deep aching buzz in your stomach, the near-drunken waves of wonderful thoughts gliding through your head...

it's just amazing.
words cannot describe.... i don't even know why i am trying to get this down on some little white screen at god knows what hour...
because you see
it's everything
everything to me
it's terrifying, liberating, and ... incredible when you realise you are lying beside the person who is going to be there in every stage of your future life... the one who will always be with you, always and forever...

it is beautiful.
when you cry, clinging to his shoulders, in a forest in the rain, wearing his shirt, listening to him whisper 'i love you'
and you know it's forever
you know you'll walk down the aisle towards him,
have his children,
live with him,
love him
for ever

here's to love
and not understanding it



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