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i know that i'll find my love soon

my love story is wierd but yeah wen i was growing up in madison i had this really special friend his name is dj he was my best friend n like yeah we grew up n like i didnt knoe but then everytime i go near him my heart was pownding like i was tryin to run out of sumthin then i knew i was in lvoe wif him couple days later i told all my friends n one of them or maybe all of them told him wen he knew we jus stopped talkin for like another 2 years n then i went up to him n told him i love him! he totall rejected me but then i said o well then at the end of the scool year i was moving n yeah he got all sad then he fell in love wif me but then i siad srry i couldnt ecept his heart cuz he hurted me to mani times soo then i moved n found my self the best lookin guys hehehe but then i broke ther hearts soo yeah my love story aint goin well at all but yeah im changing n i knoe that ill find my love soon but yeah im jus 13 cant fall inlove yet rite? heheh but ill find him son enough hehehe i jus want to get married young thats my life story for now aniways love yas


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