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i cant stop thinkin about him

My crush came to my school in the middle of the skool year, last year. we were in elementary skool, in 6th grade, and now were goin to middle skool...anyways...whenever he first came, i was like...hmmm........he looks cute, and of course he is!!! but wat i didnt know about him was his personality. so for half the skool year we didnt even talk to each other, cuz i guess we didnt know each other or watever, but i think the last 2 weeks of school, we started to send "signals" to each other......heres how it all started: he sat beside me in the cafeteria (OMG!) and we just started talking about randome stuff...i remember he was eating rasberries, so we talked about rasberries (i know, STUPID TOPIC!!!lol) and then he asked me if i seen the movie called "grandma's boy" and ofcourse i said yeah i have, but i really only saw the last 10 minites of it!! lol and it all seemed like it lasted forever...but it only lasted like 20 minites..................okay, well i have a happier ending for you!!!!!!!!!! the last day of skool, our graduation day, was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! see my teacher put us in alphabetical order, and guess who was rite behind me??? MY CRUSH!!!! p.s. hes name is anthony. so we just started talkin....about randome stuff (again) and he even poked me playfully. thats a flirting signal, right? well thats when i realized that i liked him. on tha LAST DAY OF SKOOL!!! lol. well i poked him back and when he first poked me, it was on my arm, and them on my stomack!!! ofcourse it didn't hurt!!!!! cuz we were just playin around, but i liked it sooo much, and i think he likes me too. or at least i well ever since skool ended, (its been like 2 months) i cant stop thinkin about him. and i really cant wait to go to skool. remember i told u i was goin to middle skool? well theres like 2 guyz i like in the 8th grade that i like!!! and one of them likes me too. and the other one is my neighboor. lol. well theres only 15 days till skool starts again!!! yay!!! p.s. writing this letter helped get my love emotions out!!! lol.


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