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he gives me eskimo kisses and hugs

My love came out of the clear blue sky. In order for you to understand, we must backtrack a little bit. Before i met my current bf, i was with another guy for 4 years. It was aweful but we were supposedly engaged. I wanted to work everything out between me and my ex...until he cheated on me. That was it for me. i left him with what pieces of my heart i could recover. It was during this phase of broken heartedness that i called up a co-worker that i hadn't really talked to before. I don't know what made me call him but he gave me his number a month or so before and i had never used it. I called him and he met me somewhere and gave me a hug, asking if i was ok and such. He stayed with me for an hour or so before he had to go to work. he held me and comforted me. we layed in the back of his truck and talked then he had to leave. before he left he kissed me. Obviously we ended up dating. He randomly picks me flowers and he gives me eskimo kisses and hugs. He does this both in front of his friends/family and when we are alone so I know that he isn't two different people. He's always leavin me sweet txt msgs. It's almost like he's too good to be true but the months keep passing and nothing is changing. He continues to be the sweet amazing guy he started out to be.


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