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Love. It is truly amazing.

Well, you know that you really love someone when thoughts of your feelings for him bring you such joy. In your heart, your very being.

I fell inlove in the highschool times. We always had good fun together. We were really just kids, I guess. From 17 to about 20 when it came to an end. We were engaged, but because we were still seemed at the time that our lives went in different directions. He was a nonchalont kind of fellow. Did not say much about his emotions or feelings. Me on the other hand, in those years was shy, but jealous. Anyway, we both went on to be married to others, have children.

Now some 25 yrs later, we met up again. When I saw his name in email, my heart went out of control. The old feelings returned. I really never did get over him. He will always be my true love. Anyway, we saw each other a few times, not with any intentions, but to just spend some time togehter. Have coffee. Exchange what's new. Try to be friends. I just wanted to jump across the table each and every time, but kept my cool. I have tried communicating with him, but his messages/emails back are empty as if something really bad happened between us. I have no idea. At first he was so happy to see me. Spend time together, then...something changed between us. I will not give up because he is the love of my life. I can't seem to love anyone else as much. Or perhaps I just don't want to. Oh well, wish me luck to rekindling our love. I still think we are perfect for one another. Love. It is truly amazing. There is nothing quite like it. I feel so fortunate in life, that I feel such love for someone. Truly. It has been a gift. God gave him to me....for whatever the time, it has resulted in everlasting love. I am so fortunate.

Signing off,
Always & Forever


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