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My fiancee and I have been dating for 3 years now marked Aug 21 2007. We have not set a date yet because we don't have enough money for even the smallest of wedding but we are working on that.

Although LOVE isn't the easist and as fairy tale as people seem, I was blessed with a very understanding and patient man. Of course there are times when I want to call him an ASS or JERK but after a while we think about how much we love each other and we try to work our issues out.


I was 16 at the time attending high school in Pasadena, CA and HE was 16 as well living in South Central Los Angeles, CA attending school in the VALLEY. We both were involved in the Catholic church at the time volunteering (sp?) for the confirmation classes. Anywho after you Confirmation at the Catholic church we were both invited to take place in this retreat that would help you speak and teach teenager and become more open with your faith as a leader.

Well I wasn't suppose to go because my family was going to vacation the day I was set to come home from the retreat and my father did not want to push the luck of me being ready for vacation. Well I ENDED up going anyways after convincing my father that i wanted to go. HE was not suppose to go either because it church was booked and it wasn;t until a few days before the event that someone cancelled and he was offered the position to go.

At the retreat we became friends and nothing more. I thought he was cute and sweet but that was it, I mean come on I didn't go to pick up on someone. After the retreat we talked everyday as much as possible. He became a good friend of mine. After a month a few people from the retreat got together at CityWalk and me and him also went. It was there that we first held hand, and flirted non stop.

A few weeks later it was my birthday in which I went with him to the movies and with a few friends. It was in the dark that he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said YES OF COURSE. I went through high school dating him long distance and loved it. He was there for me when my father and i faught which we did practicly every week. My father moved from Pasadena to RIALTO and caused us to be even more further. He visited me more then 2 a week. After many different issues and drama we had in everyday life I moved in with him to LA.

When I felt like giving up or just running away to another state he was there. He told me that I could never commit suicide or run away. When I developed ASTHMA for the first time I had to go in and out of the hospital because I could not control when I recieved attacks he would drive all the way to RIALTO, (when i lived there) to see me and help me.

Although we are living with his parents till we save more money to get out of our debt I love seeing him everyday. Even if it for a secound because of our different shifts.

LAST CHRISTMAS he gave me a box with a box with a box inside of it. I started to get nervous as everyone started to stare at me. At the end of course there it was a ring. He bent down on one knee in front of the family and proposed is word..:"(my name) will you marry me?"

I managed throught the tears to say yes he stood up and we hugged and I was trying not to cry. I still wanna cry when I see it on the video.

We will be sharing another birthday together, we all only a few hours apart. My b-day Aug. 21st his Aug. 22. As a child I use to wish I didn't have to share a birthday with my cousin (whom is aug. 22) but know I love it because I share the day that I was born with a 2 day celebration with my BEST FRIEND. We have been with each other through life's ups and downs and I believe we will continue to be there for each other UNTIL DEATH DO US APART.

"May all of you find love and happines, for love brings peace which in turn brings happiness."


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