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i've found my knight in shining armour.

When i first laid eyes on him i thought wow! He looks so cute and i tryed my hardest but i just couldnt stop gazing at him. I thought to myself that he was way to handsome for me but these thoughts were pushed out of my head completely. We were down the beach. Im often a shy person, but out of the blue i slowly swam over to him in the sea and started talking to him. I felt a strange tingling sensasion inside of me and when he smiled i felt like i was going to melt. We had only talked for 10 minutes until we both had to go. Just before he left, he turned and said to me "see you tommorow."

That night i had a shower and tryed to make myself look an extra bit prettier. The whole evening i simply could not stop thinking about him and his amazing smile. The next day at the beach i looked around franticually, trying to act casual but i felt crushed, as the beach was so crowded but there was no sign of him anywhere. In the end i excepted the fact he wasnt going to come and nearly forgot about him. I returned home to use the toilet and have a quick snack, i wanted to stay at home but my father would not let me. After 10 minutes i returned to the beach and to my joy and immense surprise him and his family had a spot right next to us. We stayed together the whole day, i enjoyed his company and he enjoyed mine. He asked me for my email address so he went out of his way so we could exchange email adresses. He said he wasnt sure if he could come down the beach tommorow as he had to pack for his holiday to france.

The next day i realised that i had a very strong attraction to him and i felt a force between us. I didnt expect him to come down as the weather was very windy and the sea was very rough but 2 minutes after i went down the beach he walked down with his family, he smiled and waved at me. Unfortuantely they had to go eat at a nearby park and he promised he would return later after lunch. I must addmitt i feared he wouldn't come back as i had lost his email address. 15 minutes later he came back with a friend, he went out of his way to include me in the conversation with his friend. I told him that i didn't have his email address and he promised he would add me as soon as he got back home. This day he was acting far more flirtaous by holding my hand and playing with me as the waves were very big and i was a bit scared. After a while he left. As soon as i had got onto the computer and gone on email he had added me but wasnt online. I had an hour long conversation with one of my closest friend over the phone as i seeked her advice on whether to make a move on him. In the end she convinced me that i should. I went on instant messanger and sure enough he was on it aswell. I didn't talk to him but waited for him to talk to me and with in seconds he was. We talked and he seemed very keen about me. I felt very nervous thinking about what i was about to do. The thing that gave me the final leap of courage was the fact he had said to somebody that he would say yes if i asked him out, i asked him discretely if it was true and he said yes, so there we have it i asked him and he said yes. We spent hours talking to each over and getting to know one another better until midnight when we finally stopped talking.

The next day was my last chance to see him and he begged his mum to allow him to come and see me, because he had to pack his holiday as he was departing the next day. He cycled down, he was extremely worn out, because he had rushed down to meet me at my house once i explained where i lived. We left his bike at my house and walked the 5 minute walk to the beach, hand in hand. He teased and played with me, but was still very protective and cuddly. He made a huge effort with my family. I waled him back to my house to retrieve his bike. This was the first time we were alone, we held hands while we walked and just before he went we had a tight, long hug. I must admitt i had the urge earlier in the day to kiss him goodbye, but when we hugged i felt a surge of happiness and those urges of lust disolved into a strong bond of love. That night we talked over instant message for 3 hours until her had to go 2 sleep. We said our goodbyes and how much we were going to miss each other.

This morning he text me at 7.15 am to tell me how much he wished i go with him and that if i looked out my window i would see his ferry sailing away. I watched the ferry gliding away until it was out of site. We said that we wouldn't text each over until the weekend but later that day i got a text from him asking me if i wanted any gifts from france. Of course i said no, eventually we agreed to text each other saturday as planned as it was so expensive to communicate abroad. He finally told me how beautiful i was and then we said goodbye until saturday. The whole day i have been missing him so much i feel a slightly off food and a bit sick and upset, only 3 weeks to go until i can hug him again. Who would have thought that after only five days, 2 people can fall so deeply in love. I have no idea whether this is puppy love, although it feel like the real thing, but for the moment im happy i've found my knight in shining armour.


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