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he seems just soo perfect too perfect

I was in 6th grade when I had my first REAL major crush on this guy who was in the 8th grade. At that age I just thought he was perfect. I didnt really know him much, what I mean is that I never really had an actual conversation with the guy but I knew that he was smart, a devoted Christian as well as good at sports. He was also amazingly handsome. He was also my brother's good friend. I remember giving him a bag of candy as well as two key chains on Valentines day. One key chain was of a dog and the other had writing saying that I was thinking of him. I knew it wasnt love... This guy he seemed so different from the others though. I remember how I acted before... so foolish and naive. I was clumsy and loud. I always tried to get his attention but I bet he must have thought what in the world is she doing? haha^^ When I made my friend give the Valentine gift to him I didnt want him to find out all I really wanted was for him to enjoy what he got but unfortunetly he found out somehow. He didnt like me but the thing was he still acted kindly to me just like he did to everyone else. Hes such a nice guy.

Im now starting 10th grade and Im in a different school now but before school started I went to visit the place. I've changed alot since I went to that school much more careful and considerate of my actions. Im more in control of myself now then I was before. When I saw him again a bit of that old feeling came back to me. He still looked just the way he use to. Really hansome and amiable. But now that I think about it the reason he seems different then any other guy Ive known is that he seems just soo perfect too perfect. What I mean is that he never loses his composure, always calm and friendly, never upset and mad(or crazy and immature like most boys are at that age), hes really handsome, really athletic, really smart, always does his homework and always gets medals and certifacates. Hes always one of the high honor roll students. Its just hard to believe that a person can be all that but there he is. And now, when I look back at the little 6th grade me that had a major crush on this amzing person I believe I might have actually admired him a great deal. I dont think I would ever fall in love with a guy who is always so calm and so perfect like. It just annoys me now. When was the last time that guy ever got hyper or went mad or simply just ... I dont know anything but calm. I feel like asking him but I dont think I have the guts. Im going back to that place this weekend I wonder if Ill see him then... Hopefully.


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