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he kept disappearing with her

Who evaa reads this i wunt acherly call it a luv story i just wanted every girl 2 no that nevaa trust ur friends unless u really no them.

Well meh and my boyfriend was together 4 about a munf..I know its not long but i propper liked him wen i firts met him and that was a bit agu nar.
Well everything was going fine untill we started anging abrt wiv new ppl they was 1 girl i new and i grown up wiv er and he keped diserpering wiv er into this house.
And meh as his girlfriend is defentley going 2 get jelouse so i just left it then it came 2 thursday the 1 munf ov our relasen ship everything was going well untill the bk stabber friend came up 2 were we hang bout he diserperd wiv er agen and i trusted him but not the k stabber anywai that nite on msn he sed that he wants 2 be friend wiv meh untill everythign cools drn but hes told his friend he never liked meh..
So girl's Nevaa trust ur friends unless youu no they will alwaiis be there 4 u..

Thanks youu 4 reading my story.x


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