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o man he drove me everywhere

ok so this is how it goes me n my boyfriend had been 2getha 4 1 year n sum change...wen i first walked into the room of 10 people he was the one i noticed out of everyone.....His smile made me weak in ma knees..he spoke 2 me the next day joking around...i swear i saw that little twinkle in his eyes...he made me laugh so much...we made it offical a few weeks later...we were da happiest couple there cud be...we did everything 2getha..skool started it was fall of '06..he piked me up from skool everyday he walked over a mile every sinle day n rain and snow...jus 2 c me for 5 minutes..let me tell u he was the best...for christmas he got me a chain with a charm that sed #1 girlfriend...moments b4 he gave this chain 2 me we got into a huge argument..i was cryig wen he held me n sed me n him are 4eva n he is sry for makin me cry...he pulled out the lil golden box that held ma chain face wa gowin...he was alwaysz dee 4 me...da time wen he got his car...o man he drove me everywhere..we went 2 da beach and da movies......all this came 2 a end summer of '07...we started workin in da same place 2getha....2 weeks b4 our one year anniversary he started actin different....liek he had no time 4 me....alwaysz avoidin my phone calls....we didnt evn c eachother 4 our 1 year anniversary becuz he got in trouble by is mother 4 not kistenin 2 her wen she sed call her at 830 after work..he didnt call till 11 him knowin he had his responsibility...he messed up..i felt our relationship goin downhill from there...he was alwaysz with 4 specific people frmo the time his grandather was really sick...alwaysz in the hospital me n him wud stay over night sittin in hospital chairs sleepin jus 2 make sure his grandfather is ok....he stops hangin out wit me for wat other friends who r only gonna be around till summer finishs meanwhile i been around 4 da year breakin night while i hold him n ma arms cuz his worry is sky isnt fair.....i still want him back...his family wants me n him 2 get back 2getha....i love him n his family i want him bac....hes my everythin i love u baby


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