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So after high school i moved to Mexico

I was on vacation in Mexico when I met this guy at church where my aunt invited me to, he played the drums and was very handsome. He caught my eye really quick! People would tell me he had never had a girlfriend before or never dated. So I and everyone else was surprised that he asked me out. Since I was a tourist he offered to show me around the town. So anyway I accepted. He picked me up at 5 sharp! So we went out took me to a fancy restaurant and hung out. Well, I could obviously tell by the way he acted he had indeed never had a girlfriend. He was nervous, he stuttered way too many times(not that he actually does) and 6 days later he asked me to be his chick, right? I told him i didn't think it would work because i lived in the U.S. but he said he would wait for me the time it would take. So i agreed. A month later i cheated on him, not because I'm like that I just honestly didn't see any future together, so i told him what i had done and forgave me the instant i told him! I was in shock i could never forgive an ifidelity. He said he loved me way to much and he didn't care. So after high school i moved to Mexico to live with some relatives to be closer to him. We spent a lot of time together and really got to know each other, we even talked about getting married! Well when i moved back home he broke up with me. He wasn't my first boyfriend, but he was so different from all my other boyfriends. I know I was or am still his first love and i want to be with me and him with me but the distance is a huge factor in our relationship. I told him i can not be his friend because it would just hurt me so i decided not to talk to him at all. But he still calls me and txts me. Which means that he still has feelings for me but doesn't want to be in a relationship unless i move back. I can't because I'm starting my career. Like i said he doesn't want to be with me but still have me in his life.


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