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we danced the years off

I have had a crush on this guy at my school for 7 years, and starting now, the eighth year, something spectacular happened. It all started in sixth grade, the innocent days. I remember looking at him, wanting him to feel the same way as I did. A year passed and we both were in seventh grade. My crush and I had only one class together, math. I would sit next to my best friend, who is one of the prettiest girls in my school, and every day, I dreaded going to math, seeing him look at her, but in eight grade I had learned better, there was a chance, that he, could possibly be looking at me! And so I had kept my hopes up for the next several years. Each year I silently crushed on him, I had fallen more in love, I had realized that we were more alike, and I felt so strongly that we were meant to be together. I realized that he played soccer, just like me, and that we both have never been in a official couple. I learned his interests, and with that I was head over heels in love. I was so so sure that we were meant for each other. And it happened, it was during senior year of highschool, prom. He asked me, we danced the years off, we started kissing later that night, became passionate, and then had intercourse. It was so weird, because I loved him forever, and then, all in one night the most beautiful thing happened. It was like for those seven years of crushing, we were really "dating". It was like we had known forever, that we were meant for each other.

True love can work out.
Just be patient.

I hope my story helps those in love, and realize, that even though you do not have anybody now, you will later, and love forever.

the girl with the crush


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