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She currently goes to a boarding school

My name is.. C.. I was on a trip with a few friends. they took a TTC private bus up and me and my friends took a car.. the private bus was for A(friend)'s dads work and there children.. Oh.. im 14 :) Well when we were up there i stuck to my group until i jumped into there bus to grab something for my friend.. then my entire group cam and we hung on the bus for 5 minutes.. i never noticed but where i sat was only 1 seat away from a beautiful girl my age.. so when my group left i just sat there and me and her talked.. and then after about 10 minutes of talking.. my friend E came and told me we were leaving ... so i had to go.. i said one more minute.. so i got her email.. i was happy because i knew she lived where near where i lived.. but then when i got home i added her.. Then my friends A and D called me up and they said she liked me.. and i told them i felt the same.. but they told me some bad news.. She currently goes to a boarding school and gets out only every other weekend.. its been 2 weeks since i met her and i DESPERATLY tried to contact her with no sucession.. So now only 1 more week till i have a chance to see her..But i KNOW this is love.. i dont care who says im to young i know this is love.. I stayed up 2 nights after that day i met her and the only thing i could think about was her!.. Well i gotta go.. Bye

Peace Ez.. C..orey..
:) This is a true story..
(I know im to young for this site but i dont care.. i have to tell people.)


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