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I didnt know my hero's name what a tragedy!!

I just moved from my city to this new one and I didn't know anybody obviously.
I went to the church like 2 weeks after I moved I went to the new church and when I walked in and I saw this so cute guy; I was distracted and I fell over and he saw me and helped me to stand up and he told to be careful and I smiled and said "thank you" he smiled to and I said "you're welcome" and he walk away.
I think that's when I fall in love with him.
I went to the church evrytime there was the chance and I looked for a chair to sit close to him I didnt know my hero's name what a tragedy!!
any way about a month after that I get to know him and I got my first date with him
he was such a great guy he bought me some things for me to remember oour first date and he said he liked me and I said the same and we're boyfriend and girlfriend he's 18 and I'm 15.
any way I went to a senior camp the same week that he was going to the music camp, both camp from church so I didn't feel awkward or anything. any way I enjoined the camping, I couldn't talk to my b/f though. I felt kinda down because of that cause after we began to be b/f and g/f we weren't ever apart we were together always, always we got the chance any way after that killer week we met at church my b/f and I. well he was kinda strange with me I knew somethig had happen but we were just beginning we had like a month by then. any way I found out "he was dating a girl who wasn't from the church" that's what my aunt told me.
I cried like for 2 weeks until I wanted to be sure if that was true and I asked to my boy friend's best friend.
he told that my boy friend was kinda ill and he wasn't dating anyone, but he got even more ill when I stopped talking to him, I felt horrible when I found that out I couldn't believe my aunt actually lied to me "why'd she lie to me" I thought.
I didn't know why and I felt totally bad about my b/f and I went to his house and he was sooo happy to see me
we're happy as before my aunt told that lie
I haven't talked to her ever since


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