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You wanna know what love really is..

You wanna know what love really is..
u gotta read this.
I saw this girl in a restaurant one day.. at that moment itself I fell head over heels for her. shes not the kind of regular girls I'd brand. She was full of smiles and the type of girl who would laugh out loud in public thinking about something funny that happened yesterday.
Yeahh that was the moment I know it!!!
We were both strangers to each other so I had to make a move thinking that I'd never see her again.
Somehow I did it and after somedays we were officialy seen as a happy couple. I noticed that she was not at all very dainty and completely opposite to all the plastics u see on the streets. Man.. I gave myself completely to this chubby vute girl. I was in Love and I knew it.
In a month a two.. we became so frank and open to each other.. lets say I could even talk about how I masterbate and she would laugh about it. She found me completely unique.. I had it all, looks, humour and a good family background and ofcourse independent.
It went on for about 3 months until one day she came upto me when I was in a usual jolly mood. She came up and confessed that she never actually broke up with her ex boyfriend and that she has two guys rite now.. that was me and her own bf whom i thought was an ex.
I thought it was jus another lame joke and kept laughing about it until she said please stop it!!
So then I knew it that it was true.
I dindt know what to do but whatever and however I felt at that very moment.. I didn't swear at all.. didnt even shout and give a stunned expression. Just gave a soft smile and told her with the wght of a stone in my heart that we are just human beings.. we all make mistakes.
And so I told her that I would forget and forgive her.
And so I did. I left for Europe for a month after that just to give her some time to think about who she would choose. Wo, when I came back.. I was happy to have her back in my arms.. (a blunder that I regret everyday)
Our love grew stronger after that. She started radiating so much love and I gave her every bit of me. We used to meet up everyday and later in the night we used to speak over the phone for more and 1 hr minimum. There wasn't a single day in 8 months that I never saw her face. I used to always give her surprises and buy her gifts and take her out for shoppings. Whatever a girl would want from a guy.. I gave it all to her.
To describe myself, I'm very nice to people, full of humour, standing up for any kind of immorality.. for instance, I got into a fight one night and bashed a group of guys alone coz they were teasing my girl.
I have a good job at a very age.. Im 23.
Im good looking and I possess something that is very essential for a relation and that is.. a good sense of undersatnding and ofcourse I never loose my temper easily.
So, thats the kinda guys I really am.
neways.. getting back to the story.. yeahh,..
We continued seeing each other that way.. until after 10 months. I get to know that all the while she was actually in another relation with a guy from UK.
What ould I do?? I got myself so deep that turning back meant going towards nothing.
I forgave her again but this time it was a bit diff..
We carried on.. me, her and her bf in UK.
She would even pick up his calls while she used to be with me.
It went on for like 1 month until my self esteem rose up and started to overflow. I stopped seeing her and calling her also..
Aparently she seems to regret and realise what she lost.
Well.. this is the stage we are in at the moment.
And I still love her very although I act like Ive forgotten her.
Love is the most beautiful thing in the world but it can also be the meanest.
Love u sa..h!


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