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Oh my god it's gonna be messy!

I've known this guy since third grade. In fourth grade he was obsessively calling one of my friends. After she moved to California in the summer between fourth and fifth grade some people started to say that he liked me. Of course I thought they were lieing because he didn't look like the type that would ever be my boyfriend. So I ignored it for awhile until in the library at school I found a book mark in a Harry Potter book with my name on it and my cell phone number. I slipped it into my pocket and went back to class. When we went to the locker room I guess it fell out of my pocket and another girl grabbed it. When I went to put my gym clothes in my locker in the corner of my eye I saw Cara passing the book mark secretly to Joe. I guess Joe told all the other guys my cell number because everyone started calling me. Finally after a summer of calls from this boy he ask me out. I said yes and we dated for about six months. I finally broke up with him in harsh way because he was a latino wanna be black guy that thought he was all that. He wouldn't leave me alone after that. He constantly called me and kept asking me and out and asking me why I broke up with him. He asked me to go to a couple of movies so I did. He's a loser...he didn't kiss me, much less put his arm around me. So I got a new boyfriend and shared my first kiss. I made him jealous, and the other guy I broke up with. Now that guy that was obsessed with me heard I was a good kisser and won't leave me alone. He's had the chance to kiss me a million times but he won't. Now his best friend just asked me out like a minute ago. Gotta go take care of that. Oh my god it's gonna be messy!


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